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Тема: Ace Crews & Camo Thought

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    Ace Crews & Camo Thought


    Ace Crews and Camo both cost Gold. I'm good with that.
    I'd like to know if there is a way to sell an Ace Crew or get some kind of return in Silver on Camo?
    Maybe sell Gold/Ace crew for "x" amount of Silver? Or maybe get 25%-30% back in Gold that crew cost?
    Maybe get "x" amount of Silver when selling a tank that has Camo on it? Or maybe get 25%-30% back in Gold that Camo cost?
    Just something I thought of that I'd ask about or suggest.
    Maybe there is a return on these items and I don't know how get or see?
    Or maybe no one thought of this before?


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    About crew selling - You talk about human trafficking, it's illegal i think, lol About camo selling - i think it will make sense, but only if you buy permament camo for gold. But it's still small amount of gold - up to 200 gold per one painting (200 for one painting on tier X). Compensation could be counted in machine selling price, for example: Tank selling price is 400.000 silver, and you have 3x permament camo bought for 120 gold per one painting + 2 permament inscriptions/stickers, which costed you 100 gold per one. 10k silver compensation per every 100 gold spent on decorations = 56k silver compensation added to tank selling price in this case. Final price, 456k silver. Something like that sounds fair for me. No compensation for temporary decorations.
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    That is right. Seems fair. Get a little something back. Sorry I wasn't specific but you are right I did mean permanent items not temporary.

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