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Тема: Update, May 5

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    Update, May 5

    Festive tank

    Especially for the Victory Day was created festive tank: T-34 Guardsman.

    It can be obtained in different ways: for login reward during the holidays, for participation in the tournament, buy in the action "Hurry buy" and win some competitions and activity, that will take place in our Groups in the social networks . For more information about how to obtain, read above.

    Camouflage for this machine is not available, 7% stealth is included in the characteristics of tank. The tank can be obtained only temporary, paid for the extension of this machine is not available. Crew Alexander Marlin after learning the skill "Medium Tank Master Gunner (Superior)" will 10% faster reload gun.

    Gifts for the Victory Day

    From 5 to 11 May come into the game every day and get gifts. For 7 days in a row you will receive a unique holiday tank T-34 Guardsman for 14 days! Activity -> Growth missions-> Login Reward.

    Every day gifts will get better! Taking gifts for 5 days in a row you can get 10 000 , on day 6 — rare tank level 11 FV4030/4 for 3 days! And if you don't miss any day, you can get a festive tank T-34 Guardsman for 14 days! Warning! If you miss one day - the chain will have to start all over again and pick the final gift would be impossible.

    New British tanks

    Available for the researching of new silver tanks: Churchill I , Churchill VII and Black Prince .

    Also reduced the cost of early access to the British line, now the first tank can be opened for 10,000 .

    Churchull I was developed at the Harland and Wolff plants in 1939 and the development was start in 1941. More than five thousand vehicles were produced. It was used by the allies and the Red Army on the Western and Eastern Front, in particular at Stalingrad, in the liberation of Kiev, in the Battle of Kursk and many other battles.

    The Churchill was mass produced and subjected to numerous changes and improvements over the years of service. In the modification of Churchill VII was frontal and side armor is even more intensified, a new gun, a chassis and a commander's turret are installed.

    The tank was developed during the war as infantry tank. Was created six prototypes. Combat weight of 50 tons allows it to be called heavy tank. In the series production of the UK instead of the Black Prince was adopted Centurion.

    Do not forget to equip crew under the command of John Brooks, to increase the rate of fire.

    Hurry to buy

    The "Hurry to buy!" Is again available! You will find attractive offers like for all players and individual discounts! Offers of day it becomes available at 12:00 Moscow time.

    You can favorably buy the VIP, a premium tanks, shells and consumables with a discount, as well as festive tank T-34 Guardsman. The offer is limited! Do not miss!
    Date: from 4 on May 10!


    May 5 will begin registration for the tournament for Lv5 tanks. The tournament will be held from 6 to 12 May, all participants of the tournament are guaranteed to receive prizes and a holiday tank T-34 Guardsman (the duration of the tank depends on the prize-winning place in the tournament). The tournament is held in Standart Mode, the winners are determined by the maximum summary damage dealt during the tournament on the Lv5 vehicles.
    Also go to the tournament, you can menu using the button:

    Place Prize
    1-5 1500 60 days
    6-10 1000 50 days
    11-25 500 45 days
    26-50 10000 40 days
    51-100 7000 30 days
    101-200 5000 20 days
    201-300 500000 to 14days
    310-400 250000 for 7 days
    400 -... 1 1 for 3 days


    4-6 May: Gold shells with 30% discount.
    7-8 May: Permanent camouflage with 20% discount.
    9-13 May: Gold support in Defence mode with 50% discount.
    10-12 May: Places in barracks with 50% discount.
    13-14 May: Fast crew training with 50% discount.

    Other changes

    Katyushas no longer cause damage to allies in the Defense and Commander modes.
    Improved system of saving game settings, now they will be saved even after updates in the game. Both in the browser and in the client.
    The cost of repairing the Object 777 is reduced.
    Rate of fire of the gun OQF 3-inch Howitzer Mk. I was lowered from 27.27 to 22.2 rounds/min (the Matilda tank).
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