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Тема: Update, July 6 (4th birthday of game)

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    Update, July 6 (4th birthday of game)

    Gifts is never too much!

    Let's start with the most interesting - gifts. What a birthday party without it? In honor of the holiday promo code for you!


    Activate it and get 10,000 experience, VIP-account for 7 days and 4 free games in Roulette!
    The code is valid from 6 to 16 July.

    Login reward

    Every day from 10 to 16 July at the entrance to the game do not forget to get a gift ! Menu Activity -> Growth missions -> Login reward.

    Every day gifts will get better! If the prize tank already have you in the Garage - you will receive compensation in the silver coins. Attention! If you miss one day - the chain will have to start all over again and pick the final gift would be impossible, but you can re-receive the first and subsequent gifts.

    Dates: from 10 of 16 of July.

    Rates and discounts in Defense!

    In honor of the holiday it will include x5 experience for the first win of the day, and 5 fights in a Defense mode per the day, and you will find a discount of 50% on all gold support!

    Radiointerference 80 40
    Bomber 200 100
    Katyusha 150 75
    Replenishment of ammo 50 25
    Tank repair 50 25
    Energy drink 80 40

    Dates: from 10 of 13 of July.

    Doubling experience in PvP!

    On the 14 of July 18 from 16:00 to 19:00 (Moscow time) you'll get x2Exp for every PvP battle (except Defense mode), both for winning and losing fights!

    Hurry to buy

    Hurry to buy Is available again! You will find attractive offers for all players and individual discounts ! New offers becomes available each day at 12:00 Moscow time.

    You can favorably buy the VIP, a premium tanks, shells and consumables with discount. The offer is limited! Do not miss the chanse!

    Dates: from 10 at 16 of July!

    Tournament for 8 lvl!

    July 13 will begin registration for the tournament for Lv8 tanks. The tournament will be held from 14 to 20 July, all participants of the tournament are guaranteed to receive prizes. The tournament is held in Standard Mode, the winners are determined by the maximum summary damage dealt during the tournament on the Lv8 vehicles. Registration for the tournament will be available in the tab "Tournament" (menu "Activity", "Events" section).
    Also you can go to the tournament by using the button:

    A place Prize
    1-5 1500
    6-10 1000
    11-25 500
    26-50 10000
    51-100 7000
    101-200 5000
    201-300 500000
    310-400 250000
    400 -... x1 x1


    • 6-8 July: Permanent camouflage with 30% discount.
    • 8-10 July: 12 months VIP with 10% discount.
    • 10-12 July: Ace crew with 20% discount.
    • 10-13 July: Gold support in Defence mode with 50% discount.
    • 12-14 July: Gold shells with 30% discount.
    • 14-16 July: Places in barracks with 50% discount.
    • 16-18 July: Fast crew training with 50% discount.

    Other changes

    • A39 PT - The cistern at the rear of the model is no longer a destroyable part of the tank.
    • WT auf. Pz IV - Fixed the bug point of snapping the effect of the shot.
    • Rhm Borsig WT - Added an animation of the rollback of guns when fired. Reduced the geometry of the bag at the stern of the vehicle.
    • AT 15A - Added gloss metal effect.
    • Lighthouse map - fixed bugs due to which some objects were not displayed.
    • Now when you receive a medal in a battle, the camera does not shake any more, just like when you get damage.

    We congratulations your with holiday! See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!
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    Младший сержант Аватар для MRDA
    Стара Загора
    I claim the gift code today get those 4 free spins and on the 1st i get m6o WTF the next 3 didnt count but the 1st did how this happend Ground War Tanks_170706_1600.jpgGround War Tanks_170706_1601.jpg dont know to be happy or sad

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    Вопрос help

    Hello friend help me because i can not go to my own account please help

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