Hello again i notice the problem with the track repair in su-122-54 he have over 13 seconds track repair, when already you carry the 2 bags, gold repair bag and elite repair bag he gives you 20% fast repair track and the same 20% repair track and with the accessory (track maintenance) he gives you also 10% track repair with 50% track repair and when the enemy shot my tracks i start from the 13 seconds track repair it is to high for DT, you need to fix that. The T28 for example it is a heavy tank he do not take damage and he have 6-7 track repair time. The su-122-54 he need maximum repair track time, with the accessory and skill and 2 bags, to go on 5 seconds track repair time, because is a light destroyer tank and not a heavy destroyer tank he take damage from every where.