This topic is intended for suggestions for improving the game and discussing of this suggestions.

There are additional rules besides the rules of the forum:

Before creating a topic - make sure that same topic was not created earlier.
Suggestion should be written as clearly and detailed as possible.

  • Describe what you want to suggest: improving, changing, add or solving some problem.
  • Why do you think that this suggestion is the most optimal.
  • Describe the possible consequences of your suggestion for players and the game.

Be sure to create a poll in the topic of your suggestion, with the options «agree» or «against». If your suggestion to dial over 50 votes «agree», it will be considered by the administration and they decide whether it is worth sending an offer to the developers.

The suggestion without a poll, will not be considered by the administration!

Create a topic what ignored this rules.
Create a topics deviating from the subject of this section.

Topics with violations will be closed or deleted.

If you need to edit your topic or the poll, then you can apply to the moderators of the section, but not more often than once a week.
If you notice a violation of the rules from any player, please immediately notify the forum moderators.