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Тема: Too many bugs in the game right now...

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    Старший лейтенант Аватар для Dski

    Too many bugs in the game right now...

    Too many bugs in the game right now...

    We fire a shot and it passes through the enemy tank doing no damage.
    As we wait on aiming time enemy tanks go invisible then they shoot us.
    Some places on maps seem to be invisible places.
    I have even fired shots that I think miss but I kill the tank.
    I can see tanks 'outline' sometimes even when they fully behind a mountain or building.
    Lag, caused by the Gateway into Mail.ru, I post this if you ask.

    We all know the upgrade of Unity was not going to be smooth, but we was hoping for more with less bugs...

    Come on GWT (Alexey the new Project Manager) please fix these things...
    Последний раз редактировалось Dski; 01.12.2017 в 01:56.

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