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Тема: Best Crew Skills

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    Best Crew Skills

    What are the best/most usefull skills for crews to obtain and in which order?
    I usually go for…

    1. "Summarize Experience": Crew get +20% Exp
    2. "Master Gunner" (for Ace crews): +10% faster reloading when driving certain tank
    3. "Aim at Weakness": Chance to penetrate/destroy enemy modules +10%
    4. "Rational Impact": -10% incoming damage

    I'm not sure about 5, 6, 7,etc.. or if those skills listed above are useful early on, any ideas?

    Note: I have Ace Crews for T-44/T-34-100, T110E5/XM815GM and soon Rhm-Borsig WT/WT auf Pz4

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    I used "Summarize Experience" some time ago, but i resigned from it on all crews, it's waste of 1 skill slot imo. Now my crews are trained in this order (or will be):
    -Forecast dangerous (with that you know when you're spotted by enemy)
    -Master Gunner
    -Aim at weakness
    -Erupt potential (with that your reload time increase when you have less than 10% HP, saved me a lot of times)
    -Fast service (-10% to repair tracks time)
    -Remote scout (+5% to view range)
    -Skillful control
    -Motion Collimation

    I suggest you to also buy an accesory "Track Maintenance Service", it's next -10% to track repair time. If you don't need very fast track repair, you can just buy this thing and resign from Fast Service crew skill and let your crew learn it later.
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