Результаты опроса: State your opinion for the best of the GWT future.

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  • Make the KPZ the way it was?

    40 66.67%
  • Let KPZ stay the way it is now?

    17 28.33%
  • Open option to push dead tanks?

    58 96.67%
  • Keep it this way and not allow to push dead tanks?

    2 3.33%
  • Make T34 tier 8 tank the way it was before they change it?

    44 73.33%
  • Keep the T34 the way it is now?

    6 10.00%
  • Open option to sell Ace crew and Camo etc?

    53 88.33%
  • Dont allow players to sell Camo and Ace crew

    3 5.00%
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Тема: Ideas from the players / changes that needs to be done.

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    Ефрейтор Аватар для LieuTrungKhang
    AT HOME :P :P

    Хорошо Ideas from the players / changes that needs to be done.

    Hi all & hi admins. I am as you see TaNkDesroYT in game and i see that numbers of players online drops Down day for day.
    So i was thinking what must be done to stop future lose of players and how to make the guys that stoped play Return.
    In FaceBook there is a Group With name "Ground War Tanks.English.RU" & Alisa Gagarinova aka Chiffa is a member of that FB Group.
    I raised the question in that FB Group
    especially due to high membership numbers and where all members are GWT players
    This Group have about 1200 players. Just saying.
    The question i asked the members in this FB Group was:
    And the players responded With these answers.

    - Make KPZ back to the way it was. Or atleast half the way back to the way it was. Most players out there dont like tanks being nerfed. Make New tanks better is OK but dont nerf tanks that already are bought With real Money. And what about the time we use to Train a crew and then this tank aint Worth nothing? This is a huge consern and must be taken seriously! My suggestion is, make New tanks and for each LV make them unique but make them the way that each tank have a possibility to kill a other tank of same Lv atleast. And if a New tank are being made and it is real strong make sure that tank is made and introduced as a higher Lv tank. Eks Lv 12 -13 and so on. Let the players buy this tanks if they want to have the bes tanks. Then atleast GWT have not destroyed the tanks that are bought. All must remember when Lv 12 and 13 comes and players use their KPZ that KPZ will be match against other tanks of that Lv. ( 11 ) mainly. Also i like the TW idea that some days the TW will be held in Lv 9 and some days in Lv 11 and etc. This way the GWT opens Global map for more type of tanks and for players that dont have the most expencive tanks. It also pushes the members in all legions on global map to get the "Best" tank of the spesific Lv to fight TW. We the players are not afraid of using cash. We just dont like Things be taken from us.!!!

    - Make T34 Level 8 tank the way it was before. It was among the best Level 8 tanks for silver and now it aint good at all. I dont have the data about what GWT have done to make it this weak. I did not even notice before a short time ago due to i have not used this tank in a long time.
    This is a tank that cost 12 000 gold and is bought due to the main reason the earn silver. Now when this tank is changed you want us to buy Mamuth or simulare silver tanks? No, this is not the way to treat the players.

    - Make "push dead tanks" possible. I rly dont see the issue that this cant or wont be done. It is so fun and is a huge factor to make People love this game. For me personal i would love the option to push alive tanks as well. I know there will allways be players that are for and against it and that it is so important that voting is done. Let the majority deside. This way you will atleast have the majority With you.

    - Make teams 5 vs 5 or 7 vs 7 in the night so the few players that still are online can get Battles. I think this is a good thing. I dont play that mutch late myself but when i do i would like to get a Battle without need to wait 15 minute before the Battle starts.

    - Make it possible to sell CREW and CAMO just as you can sell tanks and assessories bought With gold. Half the value back?
    I think this is a good thing also.. Ofcourse the obvious thing the GWT must think is that you will lose on this. But i bet you the oposite. In the long term you will gain on it. More players will join and "stay" so the amount you lose you will gain back again this way.

    - Make Clear distinction between medium and Heavy and light tanks. YES, this is a MUST :-) Doing this, makes the game and tanks unique. And all the players will love it. Also New players will join GWT when GWT reputation goes up internationaly. Now in this digital world we live in, it wont take long before the more and more players will say and get to know that " GWT is the best tank game out there" But only ofcourse if the game lisen to the players. We need to be lisen to.

    I will say honestly i might have wrong and i doubt you will lisen. So what happend NeXT is up to you.
    Start atleast With a poll where you ask us the players what changes we want? This way you will get the feedback you need to keep the players.
    Also remember that it is the players that actualy play the game that know what are missing or needs to be done to make the game the best.

    Best regard from TaNkDesroYT

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    All the tanks in the game were bad, and KPZ was the best.I sold my Object 140 because they modified it,i sold M60,T95,FV4030,T28,Object 268....ETC..I sold all the tanks to play with the KPZ.I sold all the winning tanks to the roulette.The gold tanks that were supposed to be the best, that's just why I put the money in this game .Now who gives back those tanks?I put a lot of money in the game and for what? I will not start this game from the beginning. The money and time are lost.All players could have taken the KPZ. It's not a gold tank.If they want us back, I want to get our lost tanks back.I stayed with 160 days of VIP. I would donate to someone if I could.

    Gold tank must be better than a line tank. That's not what happened in this game. Why should the world get money in a gold tank, when a line tank is better?Object 140 was a gold tank and it was the best. They changed it and made the T62a better than 140. Does it seem normal?

    I do not think it's a bad idea that they have reduced the damage to the KPZ. Now all the tanks are almost equal. But what do we do that you do not have my tanks? Let's start putting money back into the game to get them? That's not gonna happen anymore.

    He was interested in dropping the damage from kpz, instead of dealing with other bugs in the game. You are spotted from 2 kilometers. It is near you and it disappears, and you stay in the woods and he spot you.That·s a big problem of this game not the KPZ.

    Take examples from other games like WOT, WOT Blitz, Tank Force...etc. Check out the tanks for speeds and what's the difference between them. Those games are well made. The tanks are well balanced between them. And at the tournament put prizes tanks. So buy enough gold to win the tournament.
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    De ce chang dy putere bullpen !!? Bullpen a fost ONET de Tkhe Cel mai bun Anzi și Spendius noi cote Thieme Anzi Monet cumpăra Anzi IT acum !!? Si dont cred circuite integrate și de Good Idea au redutsed Tkhe daune de kpz.Make Tkhe T34 Tier 8 Rezervor Tkhe un fel a fost before.that rezervor vom cumpăra cote de aur muzica andină cu ieftine, vom plăti cote cu dont nerfed iT plc, muzica nerf Ana Thier vom plăti cote Monet Thap, dy Nonidentitatea păstra jucătorii el Tkhe acest DIN? !! note mac Ana Bad Thap Chang va afetst toate Mac mustață !! ,, împinge rezervor mort bb posible

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    wелл у хаве то маны тхингс фирст у неед то пут тхат wе цоулд пуш танкс анд стоп нурфеинг голд танкс wе буыинг ит wитх реал монеы маке ТW онлы wитх т10 анд маке буыинг голд чеапер лике олд даыс анд маке Т34 море поwерфулл лике олд даыс

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    Цитата Сообщение от The_MuRrDeReR Посмотреть сообщение
    wелл у хаве то маны тхингс фирст у неед то пут тхат wе цоулд пуш танкс анд стоп нурфеинг голд танкс wе буыинг ит wитх реал монеы маке ТW онлы wитх т10 анд маке буыинг голд чеапер лике олд даыс анд маке Т34 море поwерфулл лике олд даыс
    ю хэв э вери гуд инглиш, бат администрэшн хэз итс оун вью оф зе гэйм энд анфорчнли ю кэнт чендж ит.
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    Moderator Аватар для TonySoprano
    Цитата Сообщение от sharky72 Посмотреть сообщение
    ю хэв э вери гуд инглиш, бат администрэшн хэз итс оун вью оф зе гэйм энд анфорчнли ю кэнт чендж ит.
    Ху ноус, анытхинг кён хаппен, кпз гот нерфед, енд ай лайк дис чендж. Плейерс вере аскинг фор ит фор сам тайм, райт?
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    Капитан Аватар для Dski
    Hi Tank,
    I have voted on this putting our personal differences aside, because it's only if we all talk together, then someone will listen to us all.

    *KPz70 - I voted not to change back, simply because it was too overpowered so it is more balanced now. And in the chats on RaidCall with GWT Manager, many Russian players asked for this, we are the minority here.

    *Pushing 'Dead' or 'Red' tanks I believe is something GWT are currently working on, and we need that in game. I've asked for this in the recent past. Pushing Green/Live tanks though would cause a mass of complaints reporting offenders and this is the hard part for GWT to make work....

    *Gold Tanks, the T34. We buy the tank with real money as seen when advertised for sale. So to change that later is not why we bought that tank and would not buy it now as it currently is.. I voted change it back to how it was. No Gold tank should be altered/changed/nerfed later.

    *Option to sell gold crews/camo -- Yes would should be able to do that, and sell for half the cost we paid it, giving us that Silver equivalent . But I think someone has already posted about this before.

    You just need more players to actually vote now
    Последний раз редактировалось Dski; 18.02.2018 в 02:26.

    Факт: если вы плохо играете, вас называют нубом. Если вы играете хорошо, они называют вас читом

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    Ефрейтор Аватар для LieuTrungKhang
    AT HOME :P :P
    Ok ok jeg er enig med deg DSKi. Men KPZ jeg vet fortsatt de bør re nerf a bit. Before 1500 - 2000 dmg 1 shoot. ( To mutch ) Now 300 - 600 dmg 1 shoot ( to little )
    Make it 700 - 1000 per 1 shoot.

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    Младший сержант Аватар для -ThunderCats-
    As i want to ask is Let's The DEVELOPER make Vote like what TankDestroyt did it to all GWT player. Before developer make changes to some tank spec which is other player donnt want to change.So we know what is the minority here.
    And pls remove LAGG from the server. We play always laggg, especially after maintenance. Thank's

    - - - - - - - - - -

    For Euprope or Russia country maybe OK, but for Asian Player always lagg even we use Fibre Optic ..

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    I agree with TaNk
    kpz was normal before it got nerfed most of us hate the tanks keep in nerfing and balancing all that is making problems for F2P making us leave the game,kpz dmg should be up to 1300-1500

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