Результаты опроса: Do you want the Developers to change the gold?

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  • no I do not agree, I do not want to change it, I want to stay as it is.

    56 94.92%
  • I agree with the changes that developers want to do.

    3 5.08%
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Тема: Correction of the gold rate (for the customers) not for your system.

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    Младший лейтенант Аватар для 1966GATE-13-

    Хорошо Correction of the gold rate (for the customers) not for your system.

    Describe what you want to suggest: improving, changing, add or solving some problem.
    Why do you think that this suggestion is the most optimal.
    Describe the possible consequences of your suggestion for players and the game.

    I would like to apologize if you find me aggressive in my words but I feel that you are raping our intelligence with your announcement.
    Well we have to came here in this section to say the obvious for the gold!!!!
    • Well this is your post after the update for the GOLD.GOLD update.jpg
    • Well we don't want correction of the gold rate.... The rate of the GOLD is perfect and not wrong.... Ours demand is to keep the gold like we have it 1 year now.
    • Because you do not consult us for anything and you do not ask us, we came here to this section to express our complaint and our opinion is... leave it as it used to be.

    • We also believe that you are raping our intelligence, because when you announce that (Gifts for recharging account).
    • From the first until the 4th of March any customer who buys gold will win prizes , including VIP and temporary tanks from the Roulette a certain period of time.

    • Well, you have nothing to give us anymore, we have most of the tanks, we have all VIP for 1 year, and you should see this before you decide to make a statement.
    • Also The roulette has been dead for 1 year since, from you have changed the roulette.

    1. I do not agree with the change of gold, I want to stay as it is.
    2. I agree with the change of gold.

    P.S. I am curious to see if you are taking us seriously after a vote if we collect 200 votes, do not tell us afterwards, we will think about it !!!!
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