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    This is my suggestion !! Fix your game before you spike the price of gold 37.5% higher !!!

    First off ... remove the priority on tiers 7-9-11 !! Just get rid of it !! I've been playing in my 8 for HOURS now ... and not ONE 8 match ... only matches like THIS !!! I may LEAVE this game over this ALONE !!! Tier 9s NEVER have to worry about a tier 10 match !! It's BULLSHIT !!

    Then there are DEAD tanks driving around ... can not be damaged ... killing other tanks !!! Then you get STUCK on a rock or dead tank and can not move the rest of the MATCH !! My personal favorite is when you go toe to TOE with a tank ... pushing into eachother ... and then BAM ... he just GHOSTS right through yours ... good for him he has a turret ... and what was SURE to be a kill ... turns into a big FU from GWT itself !!! How about these Disappearing SHELLS ?! Laughable !!

    How about at night when there are 58 players online ... and only 2 matches so 18 players waiting ?! How bout that ?! 10 vs 10 with 58 players online !! Makes PERFECT sense !! 400 tier 8s online and only 5 tier 8 games going !! How about that ?! 20 tier 9 games going ... 0 tier 10 matches going !!! And for what ... there are PLENTY of each tier to run their own ... but lets leave the priorities set on 7-9-11 just for the HELL of it ... because that REALLY works when theres only 58 of us on at night as well !!! Again ... only TWO tier 9 matches ... when theres FIFTY 8s and only EIGHT 9s online !!! LAUGHABLE !!!! You raise the price of gold ... you watch me and 100s of others stop paying !! Maybe if you LISTENED to your players and FIXED the REAL problems ... it might be WORTH it !!! But THAT would just make WAY too much sense !!! >

    And you want to the raise the price of the gold by 40% to address close e-?? 40% less gold for the SAME price ?! While the game is FALLING APART ?! We'll see who has the last laugh !!! 2-3 T28s every match just RANDOMLY teamed together !!! Every TIME !? You take tanks ... that people work HARD to get ... and RUIN them after we pay you REAL money for them ?! I've had it up to HERE with these Antics !! And so have the REST of us !!! Run an 8 and ONLY get 9 matches ALL DAY LONG !!! And try selling me on the T28 not being over armored !! It's more armored than the 10s and some 11s !! At least we can PEN those in an 8 !!! But lets change the T34 and the KPz instead !! And leave ALL the problems we have go unfixed ... and RAISE the prices ?! Oh yeah ... we'll see who has the last laugh alright !! Good Luck with that !!

    You know what the best part of everything I said above is ?! I do not even HAVE a KPz ... everyone with HALF a brain just KNOWS ... you do not sell something to someone ... let them spend ALL that money and more importantly TIME to train their crews ... then CHANGE the tank months later !! It's the ACTUAL definition of SCAM !! Lead someone to believe they are getting something they paid for and then give them SHIT instead !! You do not need a KPz to see what happened here !! I feel BAD for guys like RIDU who sold ALL of his inferior tanks ... and put everything he had into that ONE tank !! Just to have them turn it to SHIT !! Not make a new tank ... a better tank ... INSTEAD ... they take a tank that was PAID for !!! They TOOK his money ... everyones money ... and then said ... NOW lets show them what they REALLY bought and wasted their time for ... like a FKING magic trick !! Took your TIME ... your MONEY ... and RAN !!! Who would have put time and money into that tank the way it sits RIGHT now ?! NOBODY !! ~~~~~~ SCAM ~~~~~~

    You had the Last laugh THAT time !!! But you will see ... you will LEARN ... the HARD way ... that your SCAM ... will cost you ... and WE will be the ones with the LAST Laugh !!!

    This is my suggestion !! Pull your heads out of your ASSES and FIX this !!!
    Последний раз редактировалось THE_BAD_MAN; 01.03.2018 в 00:07.

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    Ефрейтор Аватар для LieuTrungKhang
    AT HOME :P :P
    I agree With "TheBadMan" over here. You rly need to fix alot of these Things he mention in his post. Well that is if you rly care.. If not OK but then this game will lose players and when having so low players that again will lead to more players stopp playing. It will become a bad cirkle. You rly need to understand that when you lisen to players you will benefit from it. Now how to lisen to players? Ask them in FB Group or here in forum / update info. Make a poll or ask players for their opinion. And the more you lisen and do this the more players and gold you will get. Over and out.....

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    1. 9 tier priority is good, now 8 tier prem tanks ,,all day players" have real opponents.
    2. Price of gold - Should be from the beginning 1g/1rubel not 10 or 16 gold per 1 rubel... Why? How they can invite new players to play and grind tanks, when 2/3 of tanks (tier 8) in this game are prem or corp tanks. Hordes of 8 tier prem tanks using over and over again same tank make this game unplayable for noobs.
    3. Tank changes - its good that they nerfed KPz - it was OP tank. Now its highest time to nerf another two OP tanks - borsig (dmg or at least reload time) and XM815 (interwal between shots from 1,4 to 3 sek - just like in T58).
    4. Disapping bullets is very big problem from th begining, i agree

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    I run Tier 8 all day... and I hardly consider playing against T28s all day as a fair battle for ANY tier 8... let alone 9. Especially when they are grouping 2 t28s or MORE against a team with none. I don't mind ANY other Tier 9... I kill borsigs as often as they kill me. Still hard to believe they have WAY better accuracy than my A39 PT... but sure as shit... they do... they can consistently hit my hatch from across the map with their .18 accuracy... where as my A39 PT with .16 accuracy... sometimes misses their tank completely... aiming center mass. And MANY times... the shell only does 100-200 damage when it hits there tracks... but 9 times out of 10... they nail my hatch. Same thing with the T28... I shoot that hatch from across the map... nothing... borsig does it with their inferior accuracy stat... and they do damage. Makes no sense... but I can live with that. I'm talking about the T28 being WAY too over armored. I'm talking about NEVER getting a tier 8 match.. with my Tier 8. They NEED to remove the priorities.. let the 9s play against the 10s and see how it feels to have to actually use SKILL to win... let THEM have an uphill battle like us 8s do EVERY match!!! ALWAYS uphill for the 8s... ALWAYS downhill for the 9s... MAKE IT EVEN!!! MAKE IT FAIR!!!! You mentioned all the Tier 8s are gold tanks... you don't think it would be fair to let the gold tanks play the gold tanks? 8s against 8s? You don't think the 10s... with their slow ass tanks and long ass reloads would like to fight the their OWN tier... 10s against 10s?? 10s against 9s every now and again? Nope... they CONSTANTLY have to fight the FASTER tier 11 tanks!!! ALWAYS!!! Like MANY people I've spoken to... I'm starting to think its about that time for World Of Tanks. At least THEY have a solid gaming platform, don't set ridiculous priority levels on their tier system... and most importantly don't SCAM their customers by lowering tank stats months after releasing the tank. Nerfing tanks DOWN... is NOT how you treat your customers... we spend MONTHS working a specific line to get to a tank because of what it can do... then they CHANGE it after ALL those gold crews.... after ALL that TIME spent!!! After you sell off tank after tank to finally BUY that tank... then they NERF it down AFTERWARDS??? What a CROCK OF SHIT!!!!!!! I don't even HAVE those tanks... I have a T34... don't even get me started on GOLD TANKS that you actually PAY outright for!!!! Everyone is getting ready to leave this game over these idiot decisions they are making... and come tomorrow the price of gold is going up 40%!!!!! As the game is getting WORSE... dead tanks are driving around now!! Every other game is an ammo bay!! Shells are disappearing more than EVER!! And instead of FIXING it... The SHIT on all their customers by nerfing down yet ANOTHER tank... Tier 11 by the way... a WHOLE tier of tanks worth of time WASTED!!! And roll out these new Gold Prices!!! ABSOLUTELY LAUGHABLE!!!! Only I'm not laughing and neither is anyone else!! >
    Последний раз редактировалось THE_BAD_MAN; 01.03.2018 в 01:32.

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    Using gold prem tanks is a waste of time in my opinion... I dont have any prem 7/8 or 10 tier tank - i dont need them, but i have all lines of tanks open because of that... If you r frustrated t28... buy one and go all day instead of prem 8. Many players hates your a39 too and so what? How 7 tier noob using kv3 or t20 can fight against 5-6/10 mammut/a39/701/t26e4/t34/t69/VK-H? You r angry because using prem 8 tier dont give you fun like before, but new priority is better., you have only one problem - t28 - not 5 or more prem tanks and some corps tanks when using 7 tier ... I grinded t100e5 B E F O R E they buffed it (guns and armor). YOU CANT EVEN IMAGINE HOW SHITTY AND PAPER WAS THIS TANK WITH FIRST GUN (over 400k exp in worst 10 tier tank) - and now i should cry =D its unfair that they changed it? Maybe... It was fun to use 815 since first day they added it, BUT in first day i wrote that it needs nerf because its OP. KPZ was OP too and everyone knows it. /////// World of Tanks? Dont make me laugh... I play WOWarships, TWO!!! tier differences in WG is real hell - try to play not bad 6 tier tank m41 against t34 or t26e4 and you gonna understand what i mean. Its true that GWT make many mistakes ( f/i low gold price caused too many prem tanks), biggest one now for me is dumb arcade bonus. Should be only x2 exp bonus hours not x2 silver + x2 exp... for every grinder or noob in this mode. What we have now ? 80-90%, 10-12 from 14 players are silver collectors (except 10 tier players trying to exp their tanks) hordes of su101/mamuts etc... Make arcade mode only for non prem or corp tanks... Make training mode, where we can not get exp, earn or loose silver but where we can play 1 vs 1 // 3 vs 3 // 5 vs 5 with mates or other players (can be also very usuful late night when its lack of players and have to wait for battle)

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    Старшина Аватар для RebelF
    Pieprzu what r u talking about man? r u nuts? First: If they don't sell prem and gold tanks how will they have incomes?? Only selling vip's??? (and what for do someone need to buy vip without prem or gold tanks? it is useless without them!!) The game would be shut down in a moment... And because u DON'T use any prem or gold tank that doesn't mean that the other players MUST DO the same... It is YOUR problem and YOUR decision NOT to use prem or gold tanks so DON'T try to convince us for the opposite... And if they hadn't give us these tanks it wouldn't have been differentiation and the game would be bored after a short time... No, prem and gold tanks are needed to the game for many reasons!!! Second: R U SERIOUS??? 1 gold per 1 ruble??? REALLY??? With that NO ONE could buy anything!!! You would needed a SALARY to buy a tank...!!! It would be too expensive to buy anything!!! Let's be SERIOUS here!!! The gold rate, 16 gold per 1 ruble, it's fine for everyone (customers, old and new, and Game)!!! Third: Nerf the tank but NOT AFTER we have bought them and have spent so much money, but BEFORE you give them for sale... It is UNFAIR!!! You make all of us to feel like IDIOTS, and you are DISAPPOINT us...!!! Fourth: It is a fact that GWT developers have made A LOT of good things and have upgrade A LOT the game but the mistakes they have done are much more and lead the game to an DEAD END... The game is STALLING!!! And why this happened? Because they are ONLY developers and NOT players too, so they can KNOW exactly the real problems of the game and gamers...!!! So for once start listen to us too!!! We want to HELP you and NOT to incommode you!!!

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    Ефрейтор Аватар для ulttimatum
    Well i will make my point.
    1.YES from now on i believe in ghosts and zombies


    Well it is obvious that they are many bugs to fix but i cant say that everything is wrong.
    We ve been invited here 2 years ago,when the TW was a close club for object 140
    even in the standard mode...just unplayable for all of us.
    Game is more balanced now and the credit goes to administrator team,i want to be fair with them.
    Gate,Teo is giving a fight for all of us represanting Guardians most,for all of these changes
    sometimes shouting and yelling but as i can see even if they dont like him they listen.
    As i said before i want the game in a balance mode so i agree with the Kpz downgrade,i think
    it is still a very good Tank and (do not forget) it is a silver Tank,means everyone can get it
    spending the minmum of gold being competitive.

    About gold.
    Iam not an idiot of course i dont want to pay more and i am not going to
    even if the plan leads to a new strong tank that everyone will rush to buy!!!!!!!

    About match up
    Well it is not big deal for me but if we want to be fair split t28 to both teams or borsing
    andf tier 7 match up also with 7 at least when server is full of any tier.

    Tw or competitive mode.
    I whould like to see an upgrade as a competitive mode...championship may be
    running in a rank "points" system
    Who is the best...look at the ranking system of course.
    At this moment a few teams we changing places on a map every day with no purpose
    or motive if you like...just being there and fighting for nothing.
    What can be my motive????
    fight (with and for) my team to be the best legion on a ranking,championship.
    Add new corp tanks as a prize for the competitors only (new corps will appear)
    Add a badge for these teams like an M on my tank based on a ranking system
    ....oh look at me i have the G on my tank because my legion is one of the best
    in TW as a competitive mode or i ve got THIS FUCKING CORP TANK for the same reason.
    May be you have plenty ideas how to make it better and mine is not so good
    but i am sure you can work with it.

    About late night gaming
    Are you ok with this answer???
    Well i am not...because i am gamer and as i know there isnt any fucking game
    calling me to stop playing because it is late as you do with your mentality.
    (We cant wake up ppl because you want to play) rly?
    This is not an answer represanting administration team Alisa!!!
    Arcade mode gives an opportunity to everyone who wants silver,exp using gold or silver tanks.
    Now,imagine you add 10-20% more silver and exp or the capability of trying some gold tanks
    after midnight on standard mode...of course the admins can go to sleep if they want
    but we are not and this is my motive to keep spending money (i wanna play this game MATE!!!)
    Последний раз редактировалось ulttimatum; 01.03.2018 в 14:20.

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    Сержант Аватар для HUNTER.PL
    i dont get it, why they are not listnienig to players? they wanna close this game or what? we are intruders in here? im asking about some other option for payment from 2 years and nothing hapend.

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    NOW everyones running in teams of T28s all day and night because they have the run of the Tier 8s. Easy games when you run 3-4-5 T28s together!! Last night I hopped on... 52 players online... 2 games running. 6 T28s in one game... 5 in the other. Went and played poker.

    Today... First went Standard Mode... 3 T28s and a Sturm on one team... 2 T28s on the other team... decided to go play Arcade. First game... 3 T28s on their team with a sturm and borsig... 1 t28 on our team with a T44 and a whatever it was... doesn't matter. With 9s never getting 10 matches and the BEST Tier 9 tank being the T28... why even bother anymore.

    The whole game with this matchmaking is going to shit. Soon it will be nothing but T28s on each time... 10 on 10. And with Slim to NONE chances of them getting a Tier 10 match?! I didn't really WANT to get the T28 but it's beginning to look like EVERYONE has to!! Game's hit a wall!! Either they take off the priorities... or within the next month or two... it will be nothing but T28s everywhere. Yeah... real fun for the Tier 8s to deal with considering all we GET is tier 9 matches!!! What a joke.

    All I'm saying is if they removed the priority on tier 9... it would mix things up more. And mixing thing's up is the answer to hitting a wall. They don't need to nerf anymore tanks... it's a HORRIBLE policy they need to end. Just let the 9s play 10s too. Mix it up. Remove the priorities. When you have 20 guys... game starts. Period.

    I don't mind T28s here and there... but every game 3 on 1 side... is annoying as SHIT. They got nowhere to go but against 9s and 8's. 10 match? What's that????

    I haven't seen a TEN match since the NA server!!!
    Последний раз редактировалось THE_BAD_MAN; 05.03.2018 в 20:04.

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    This is what happens when you don't listen to your players!! You leave priorities set for tier 9s... so that even when there are EIGHTEEN 10s online waiting for a game... Like earlier today... they cant get it until TWO 11's show up... The 9 games WAIT for more tier 8s to show up... FCKING RIDICULOUS!!

    Everyday Tier 8s run the MOST players!!! TWICE as many 8s than ANY other Tier!! HELL... even in this PHOTO... TWICE as many 8s than any other tier!!!

    This is what happens when you ALLOW them to be pushed out!!! Who wants to play ANOTHER night of EVERYONE running their T28s?! APPARENTLY NOBODY!! You REAP what you SOW!!


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