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    This is my suggestion !! Fix your game before you spike the price of gold 37.5% higher !!!

    First off ... remove the priority on tiers 7-9-11 !! Just get rid of it !! I've been playing in my 8 for HOURS now ... and not ONE 8 match ... only matches like THIS !!! I may LEAVE this game over this ALONE !!! Tier 9s NEVER have to worry about a tier 10 match !! It's BULLSHIT !!

    Then there are DEAD tanks driving around ... can not be damaged ... killing other tanks !!! Then you get STUCK on a rock or dead tank and can not move the rest of the MATCH !! My personal favorite is when you go toe to TOE with a tank ... pushing into eachother ... and then BAM ... he just GHOSTS right through yours ... good for him he has a turret ... and what was SURE to be a kill ... turns into a big FU from GWT itself !!! How about these Disappearing SHELLS ?! Laughable !!

    How about at night when there are 58 players online ... and only 2 matches so 18 players waiting ?! How bout that ?! 10 vs 10 with 58 players online !! Makes PERFECT sense !! 400 tier 8s online and only 5 tier 8 games going !! How about that ?! 20 tier 9 games going ... 0 tier 10 matches going !!! And for what ... there are PLENTY of each tier to run their own ... but lets leave the priorities set on 7-9-11 just for the HELL of it ... because that REALLY works when theres only 58 of us on at night as well !!! Again ... only TWO tier 9 matches ... when theres FIFTY 8s and only EIGHT 9s online !!! LAUGHABLE !!!! You raise the price of gold ... you watch me and 100s of others stop paying !! Maybe if you LISTENED to your players and FIXED the REAL problems ... it might be WORTH it !!! But THAT would just make WAY too much sense !!! >

    And you want to the raise the price of the gold by 40% to address close e-?? 40% less gold for the SAME price ?! While the game is FALLING APART ?! We'll see who has the last laugh !!! 2-3 T28s every match just RANDOMLY teamed together !!! Every TIME !? You take tanks ... that people work HARD to get ... and RUIN them after we pay you REAL money for them ?! I've had it up to HERE with these Antics !! And so have the REST of us !!! Run an 8 and ONLY get 9 matches ALL DAY LONG !!! And try selling me on the T28 not being over armored !! It's more armored than the 10s and some 11s !! At least we can PEN those in an 8 !!! But lets change the T34 and the KPz instead !! And leave ALL the problems we have go unfixed ... and RAISE the prices ?! Oh yeah ... we'll see who has the last laugh alright !! Good Luck with that !!

    You know what the best part of everything I said above is ?! I do not even HAVE a KPz ... everyone with HALF a brain just KNOWS ... you do not sell something to someone ... let them spend ALL that money and more importantly TIME to train their crews ... then CHANGE the tank months later !! It's the ACTUAL definition of SCAM !! Lead someone to believe they are getting something they paid for and then give them SHIT instead !! You do not need a KPz to see what happened here !! I feel BAD for guys like RIDU who sold ALL of his inferior tanks ... and put everything he had into that ONE tank !! Just to have them turn it to SHIT !! Not make a new tank ... a better tank ... INSTEAD ... they take a tank that was PAID for !!! They TOOK his money ... everyones money ... and then said ... NOW lets show them what they REALLY bought and wasted their time for ... like a FKING magic trick !! Took your TIME ... your MONEY ... and RAN !!! Who would have put time and money into that tank the way it sits RIGHT now ?! NOBODY !! ~~~~~~ SCAM ~~~~~~

    You had the Last laugh THAT time !!! But you will see ... you will LEARN ... the HARD way ... that your SCAM ... will cost you ... and WE will be the ones with the LAST Laugh !!!

    This is my suggestion !! Pull your heads out of your ASSES and FIX this !!!
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