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Тема: Update, March 29

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    Администратор Аватар для Chiffa

    Update, March 29

    New map!

    Meet the new game map: Warehouse. Huge warehouse with plenty of hiding places, surrounded by the industrial zone will become a place of heated battles. The map is available in Standard and the Arcade mode (for all levels of battles).

    Al Carthag available for levels 1-6

    A smaller version of the map Al Carthag entitled Al Carthag (city) is now available in Standard and Arcade mode (for 1-6 fights levels).

    Changing the masking mechanism

    Changes the principle of calculating masking:

    Range enemy detection is calculated according to the formula:

    Detection = Your review * (1 - masking of the enemy)

    Earlier masking is calculated:

    Masking = Basic masking * (1 + camouflage) * (1 + Disguised crew skill) *
    * (1 +
    TD proficiency crew skill) + bushes - unmasking after the shot

    Now the formula calculation camouflage tank looks like this:

    Masking = Basic masking * (1 + camouflage) * (1 + Disguised crew skill) *
    * (1 +
    TD proficiency crew skill) * (1 + bush) * (1 - unmasking after firing)

    Also, changes were the parameters appearing in the formula of masking calculate.

    Parameter Before After
    camouflage Common + 5%
    Seasonal + 7%
    Pro Account + 7%
    All camouflages + 20%
    This change will allow players to choose the most interesting camouflage by view. The uniqueness of the camouflage would now be in their appearance. It will be added to several color options for vehicles.
    Disguised crew skill 5% 15%
    TD proficiency crew skill 5% 15%
    Masking in the bushes 30-40% 25%
    Disguise (standing and moving) It changed for all tanks: full list of changes .
    Unmasking tank after shot (parameter for guns) It changed all the guns: the full list of changes .

    Tanks masking parameters standing, on the move and after shots are given to the new values ​​according to classes of equipment:

    class masking standing Masking in motion Masking after firing
    TD ambush type High High Medium
    Maneuverable TD High Medium Medium
    LT Medium Medium Very low
    MT Low Low Very low
    Reinforced / special TD Low Low Very low
    TT Low Low Very low
    MBT Low Low Very low

    The above table indicates the principles of masking tanks. Exact coefficient camouflage tanks is now also possible to see in the Garage:

    At the moment, the value of masking while staying / on the move, without a shot / after shots - without taking into account the effect of camouflage, crew skills and bushes. Later in the hangar can be seen the effect of camouflage and crew skills at disguise.

    Gifts for the purchase of gold

    Gifts for recharging account

    From April 3 to 6 recgarge account and get gifts. The amount of payments made during the action will accumulate. When you reach certain values of the replenishment amount, you will receive gifts!
    You can buy 7,500 gold and get all five gifts at once!

    Last prize is an improved copy of the original FV4030/4 with an indicator of silver income, increased by 50% !
    To get into the menu Activity [1] Click on the button in the bottom menu, then go to the section Recharge activity and sub - Total recharge [2].

    Вложение 104810


    March 31, April 1 from 16:00 to 22:00 (Moscow time) you'll get doubled silver and experience for every battle in Standard mode for victorious and losing fights!

    April 7-8 the experience for the first victory of the day on the tank will be multiplied by 5, and there will also be 5 battles available in Defense per day instead of 2.

    Tournament Battle of Aces

    From 31 March to 2 is not an automatic tournament will be held. Detailed rules for the tournament and the awards will be published in a news. Do not miss the chance to prove that you are worthy of the title of Master of the tank battles!

    Bonuses and discounts!

    Nice discount will allow you to spend the money more profitably!

    • April 1-2: Exp exchange will gives 20% more Exp for 1 gold.
    • April 9-10: Silver tanks tier 5-7 -20%

    Other changes

    • The principle of imposing camouflage on the wheels of technology was changed.
    • Fixed aiming errors:
      • The timer of the gun aiming was stopped at 0.1-0.7 seconds.
      • When the turret crossed an angle of 180 °, the gun lost its aiming.

    • The principle of working with an overloaded state of the tank was changed.
      • You can remove the accessories, even if it leads to overload.
      • An overloaded tank is not allowed to fight.


    code activation for 1 day VIP for attentive readers:
    the GWT-VIP-290318 (activate to 23:59 March 31).

    See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!
    Последний раз редактировалось Frank_Lampard_8; 29.03.2018 в 17:58.

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    Ефрейтор Аватар для LieuTrungKhang
    AT HOME :P :P

    Who said difrent?

    Цитата Сообщение от Dski Посмотреть сообщение
    I am thankful that GWT gave us the opportunity for us from the NA/EU to move to the RU two years ago. They did not have to do this and it was not easy for them. Only those with short memories must of forgotten the old NA/EU. We had no support or updates. Here now on the RU we have everything. This latest update, my opinion, was excellent and shows GWT are making good plans for the future of GWT. So I would like to thank "ALL" the GWT team for helping us in the past, and improving the game for us now, and for the future.
    Ofcourse dski we all are happy for the good Things GWT do. I did InFact not transfer my NA account i started from beginning. So i dont need to tank GWT here for that. But i know GWT did a good thing to others and for that i say thank you to GWT. And remember even that is might sound like it sometimes NO one said we are not happy about the good stuff GWT does. So dont misunderstand Our critizim With the lack of gratfulnes. But its still alowed to complain about how the game Works if there is things that can be done in a better way from the moderators, if someone have ideas to impove the game he / she must be aloved so say so even if its means to yell a bit at moderators, if there are complains about lack of active moderators or even abuse from moderators is it not then ok to say so? I think we all can agree upon that that the game aint Perfect so ofcourse there is alot to work on = Our rply to make Things done = Our critics when Things aint done. Old moderator team had how many moderators? 5 or 6? now how many? 2 Chiffa and Frank L. Its not enough i think they are over worked or something. And about GWT telling us that GWT aint a priority game founded by mail ru and mail.ru use its cash for other games instead.By all means its their Company and they desice how to run it but then dont come here and say we can t complain if u leave us here Without suport or well founding. Its simple Logic that how Things Works ...

    Edited post for user's request.
    Последний раз редактировалось Frank_Lampard_8; 04.04.2018 в 04:25.

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    Старший лейтенант Аватар для Dski
    Hello TaNkDestroYT
    My post was only my opinion, thoughts, and feelings of the "LAST UPDATE" and also how I feel the game has given us a chance to continue playing the game we all love/like, and my opinion how I feel the game is now moving forward for the future. We all have opinions and I know this. I posted about this "LAST UPDATE and how far GWT has moved on since we first started playing here on the RU server only". General complaints about the game should be posted under a different section I believe, and 'Polls' can be made for others to agree, or disagree with you.
    Последний раз редактировалось Dski; 07.04.2018 в 12:04.

    Факт: если вы плохо играете, вас называют нубом. Если вы играете хорошо, они называют вас читом

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