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Тема: camouflage is a joke

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    camouflage is a joke

    I dont know what u did with camouflage but please reaturn to old detection of tanks. Its pathetic when im shooting from my TD from bushes and evry tank at map see me after just 1 shot!
    Its nonesens to have TD when evrybody can see me. At old brigde map, I was in my su100 in the bushes at E3, and I was shooting to IS3 he was at A6, other end of the map, offcourse after one shot bullb was lithging!
    I got 4 TD Su100, Borsig, WT auf panz (garbage) and T28, what should i do now? I spend many hours to get them, now they are useless, cause evrybody see them after shot doesnt matter where they are, they got skill crew, i bought extra camouflage 20% ,but THIS NOTING WORKING!!!

    I know u dont listen to players, u are doing evrything to kill this game, just closed it!
    And this new map Warehouse is so sucks like carthag. U think its fun to drive at Carthag with T28??
    Im really close to leave this game Im fedup with this all "news" u did.
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