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Тема: no cross at church

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    no cross at church

    Another complain, some many in this game.
    At Carthag map there is a mosque, at top of this building is a half of moon (crescent), symbol of islam. thats fine for me. BUT:
    at Lyon map there is a church, looks like catholic gothic church, but there is no any catholic cross, symbol of Christianity, or even yours cross Orthodoxy, religion u got in Russia.
    I dont hide im catholic, so if u put symbol of islam, I demand symbol of Christianity or Orthodoxy.

    My questions are
    - when u gonna put any cross (christian or orthodox) on this church at Lyon map?
    - developers of this game are muslims?
    - do you discriminate Christianity or other religion except islam?

    Dont play boring games, just answer without unnecessary things i dont need in reply.
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