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Тема: Update, April 27

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    Администратор Аватар для Chiffa

    Update, April 27

    New tank
    In the park of British technology replenishment of a series of light tanks! Meet Covenanter tier 4!

    Covenanter Master Gunner:
    10% faster reloading when driving: Covenanter.

    7 days login reward

    May 8-14 login into the game every day and get gifts! On day 6, you can get T-34 Guardsman for 14 days. Do not interrupt the chain to receive all 7 gifts! Activity -> Growth missions -> Login reward


    Automatic tournament (Total damage)
    On May 1, registration for the automatic tournament for the silver light and medium tanks tanks Lv5 (M5A1, Т-34, PzIV, M4 Sherman) in the Standard mode will start. The tournament will be held from 2 to 4 May. The mission of players is to deal the maximum total damage in all fights during the tournament period. All participants are guaranteed to receive prizes! Detailed description of the conditions and rewards in the news on the site of the game.

    Non-automatic Tournaments
    May 5-7 will be a non-automatic tournament among French tanks with interesting conditions. And May 12-14 will take place one more non-automatic tournament for the T-34 tank Guardsman! Details will be posted in the special news on our website.

    Holiday gift codes
    In honor of the holidays on May 1 and May 9 in your personal account on the site of the game you will find gift codes!

    April 28 - May 1 from 16:00 to 22:00 (Moscow time) you'll get doubled silver and experience for every battle in Arcade mode for victorious and losing fights! May 9-12 the experience for the first victory of the day on the tank will be multiplied by 5, and there will also be 5 battles available in Defense per day instead of 2.


    • May 6-7: Ace crew -20%.
    • May 8-9: All permanent gold tanks -10%
    • May 10-11: Slot in Garage -50%
    • May 12-13: Gold shells -50%

    Other changes

    • Changed parameters of the Rhm. Borsig WT: The top gun 15 cm PaK L / 29.5 (This gun also used on WT auf. PzIV) increased the recharging time from 12.5 to 14.7 seconds. Armor of top of turret is reduced from 55 to 29 mm.
    • Fixed a bug due to which on the Warehouse and Vieux Lyon maps could destroy cranes.
    • Fixed a bug due to which the inscriptions were not displayed on tanks: FV4030/4 F, Object 140 +, M60 +, Chatillon 25t +.
    • Fixed a bug due to which in the battle the track repair icon disappeared before the repair was completed.
    • Changes in the accessories for the Sturmtiger Pt: 1) Bore Pressure Intensifier Type 2.III is removed from the list of available equipment. 2) Alloy Extra Turret Armor (Large) (by analogy with other tanks of the 7th level and above) is added to the list of available accessories.
    • Access to the Generals mode is disabled.
    • Seasonal camouflage is on sale again, hurry to put paint on the machines, camouflage will be sold for a limited time.

    • Temporarily open access to buying all the camouflage in the game for the Super Hellcat and T95/Chieftain. Paint your tank as you like!


    Promo code to 1 day VIP and 2 additional battles in Defense mode in activation day for attentive players:
    (activate up to 23:59 Moscow time, April 28).

    See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!
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