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Тема: Simplified mode is open for 2 days!

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    Администратор Аватар для Chiffa

    Simplified mode is open for 2 days!

    Simplified mode is available again! Mode runs in a temporary format and fights will be available 17 and 18 of July.

    Damage Calculation in this mode

    In this mode, a special system of calculation of damage to the AP, gold and HEAT shells. At the moment of firing to the tank may occur various events. Depending on the event will change the calculation of the damage in a simplified mode. Let us consider all possible options.

    1 ) Ricochet.
    First of all, the system calculates the probability of projectile reflected. The larger angle of the projectile entering the armor, the more likely it will bounce. In such case the damage will be caused in the amount of 20% of the average damage of the shell.

    2 ) Interaction only with the screen armor.
    The interaction can be of two types:
    - Screen armor penetrated, but the shell did not hit the tank's armor.
    - shell do not penetrate screen armor.
    In both cases, the damage will be caused in the amount of 20% of the average damage of the shell.

    3 ) The main tank's armor not penetrated.
    If the shell is unable to pierce the main armor - the damage is calculated by the following rules: depending on the degree of penetration* damage inflicted from 20 to 50% of the average damage of the shell. Thus, the higher the degree of penetration, the greater will be the average of the% damage. More details in the table below.

    * Degree of penetration = Armor penetration of shell / thickness of armor (%)

    The degree of penetration * Dmg % on Wed. projectile damage
    Simplified earlier Simplified Now
    up to 50 50% 20%
    50 to 90 50% From 20 to 50% linearly, depending on the degree of penetration
    90 to 100 50% 50%

    4 ) The main tank's armor penetrated.
    In case the main armor was pierced - the damage is calculated as usual.

    Next, we will answer some of the questions on the Simple mode:

    Q. What is the "average damage of shell?"
    A. Each shell has an upper and lower limit of the possible damage.Average damage - in between these two values. It is approximate because when a shot randomly calculated deviation upward or downward. View average damage can be in the game of shells service window.

    Q. What has changed compared to the previous launch of Simplified mode?
    A. In the previous version of mode when no penetration is always applied the same damage (50% of the average dmg of shell). At the moment, the thickness of armor reduces damage due to what armored vehicles will survive longer.

    Q. What about HE shells?
    O. In a simplified mode HE shells also cause reduced damage if they are not able to penetrate the armor or touched only the screen, but due to the current implementation of the HE in the game - no significant differences from normal mode. At the same time, in some cases, damage is above the usual.

    Q. What are the advantages of this mode?
    A. In this mode, the weak vehicles (for example, a tank in stock state), can effectively fight and cause damage, even minimal. There is no need to use gold shells to apply at least the minimum damage. Also in this mode, you can earn more experience and silver due to the greater the damage.

    V. So in this mode, there is no reason to use gold shells?
    O. Gold shells in this mode will increase the percentage of full-armor penetration, and thus the total amount of damage.

    Q. Why mode is available only two days?
    O. This mode is to special offer, it is not planned to be used on an ongoing basis. It can be changed, and runned for short periods of time.

    Rates x2!

    With 17 on 18 July, 16:00 to 22:00 (Moscow time), you will receive Doubled experience , and of silver for each battle in Simplified mode, both the winning and losing of battles!

    See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!
    Лисота спасёт мир =^.^=
    Больше не работаю в проекте, все вопросы по игре - к Nihilis.

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    Капитан Аватар для Dski
    My thoughts on Simplified Mode:

    This type of play should be only for new players with up to Tier 4 tanks in the garage, to help them learn the game. And battles be 5v5 players.

    Then when they have Tier 5 to 7 tanks, in the garage, given an option for Standard or Simplified Modes

    For players with Tier 8 and above tanks, in the garage, Simplified option then removed

    Again asking for when the server is quiet make battles 5v5 tanks in all the game. This would be Moscow time, between 00:00 to 06:30
    Последний раз редактировалось Dski; 21.07.2018 в 14:48.

    Факт: если вы плохо играете, вас называют нубом. Если вы играете хорошо, они называют вас читом

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