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Тема: 0 players at the night

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    Злость 0 players at the night

    Can you do something for the players 0 players at the night. And we haev maximum 1000 players at the day. Do you care about this problem YES or NO. Answer to as to know what is going on.

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    Gate, while I agree with you and know we ALL would like more players in game all the time, and during the night time in Russia, how we do it?

    I can show you my post from nearly one year ago asking GWT to advertise more.

    I know about advertising on Facebook is a problem for GWT. This is a political issue more than anything, and mostly out of GWT hands.....

    Yes they could advertise more on such as VK, but still the same would happen because VK is a Russian based type of 'Social Media'.

    If I knew the answer how to solve this I would say, but truth is I don't. Do you know the answer? Should we simply ask all our friends list on Facebook to try play GWT at those quiet times??

    I think if GWT made battles, when the game is quiet, 5v5 would maybe help, less waiting time etc to try introduce new members to join and get a battle would help. But we still need the new players from outside of Russia to play this game at those times you are posting about to try this....

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