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Тема: Update October 22

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    Администратор Аватар для Chiffa

    Update October 22

    Gifts for buying gold

    October 22-25 recharge account and get gifts. The amount of payments made during the action will accumulate. When you reach certain values of the replenishment amount, you will receive gifts! Each of the gifts can only be received once during the promotion. You can replenish your account once for a maximum amount of 8,000 gold and receive all 5 gifts.

    Pay attention to the gift for the final amount of replenishment: a temporary tank level 10 XM815 Crysler! This unique machine is impossible to get forever, it is available only for a while in various promotions.

    Halloween finery

    Emblems, signs and festive camouflage dedicated to Halloween are on sale.

    Choose a decoration, put on your tank, and let the opponents be convinced of the seriousness of your intentions!

    Seasonal goods will be available until the next update. Emblems are available for purchase on tanks from 6 to 11 level.

    Automatic tournament (Max damage)
    On October 22, registration for the automatic tournament for the tanks Lv10 in the Standard mode will starts. The tournament will be held from 23 to 25 October. The winners are determined by the Max damage for fight dealt during the entire tournament on the 10th level tanks in the Standard mode. The best result for the tournament is counted for player. All participants are guaranteed to receive prizes! Detailed description of the conditions and rewards in the news on the site of the game.

    Other changes

    • Fixed a bug with camouflage wheels for tanks of 7-8 levels.
    • Added the ability to install emblems on tanks of the 7th level. Champion Emblem (football ball) is no longer available for purchase.
    • Added 2 new emblems: Good Luck and Radiation.


    Promo code for 1 day VIP:
    (activate up to 23:59 Moscow time, October 23).
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    Лисота спасёт мир =^.^=
    Больше не работаю в проекте, все вопросы по игре - к Nihilis.

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