I posted this on February 6th in reply to Nihillis' "Update of February 4th" in News from the Administration.
I have yet to get any reply. I think I see now where we English speaking players from outside RU stand these days.
Alisa would never have ignored a simple question such as this. Here is my post:
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Over Christmas / New Year's I spent a LOT of Silver for APCR ammo on my Tier- 10 tanks. I can buy with Silver as I have Pro- 2 account.
I checked today, for example my FV4005 has NO APCR ammo not even in Depot. I spent a LOT of Silver buying a LOT of APCR ammo for ALL my tanks over the holidays.
No I have no APCR in my Tier - 10 tanks, none for them in Depot and do not believe my Silver was returned.
How are you going to take care of this for players ????