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Тема: The results of the maintenance works March 21

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    The results of the maintenance works March 21

    As part of the current maintenance works, the following changes were made:

    Changing of Starship.

    • Reduced armor 4 zones;
    • Reduced accuracy of the gun (it was 0.22, it became 0.23);
    • Reduced depression of the gun (it was 10 degree, it became 9 degree);
    • Worsened the aiming time of the gun (it was 2.1 sec., it became 2.7 sec.).

    Simplified mode:

    Simplified mode resumes its work! Until March 31 inclusive, you will be able to duel in the 1 on 1 format (for battle levels from 1 to 5) or 2 on 2 (for battle levels from 6 to 11)!
    Within the combat system of this mode, only 20 /30% (not HE / HE shells) of potential damage will inflict ricochets, non-penetration or hitting the screen armor.

    For the current run, the following restrictions are added in the mode:
    - Disabled the possibility of obtaining medals;
    - The team is limited to 1 player;
    - Fights will take place on the maps Warehouse and Al Carthag (City).


    Gift code for 1 day VIP:
    GWT-VIP-210319 (activate up untill 23:59 March 22).

    See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!

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    First time i have to say.... very very veeery good job. I really like the changes, especially new simply 1x1 and 2x2 mode. Also nice that you decided to nerf (reballance) most OP tank in the game. No new tanks, but you are at least trying to ballance the old machines once per month (777, chati, mars..)

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    Капитан Аватар для Dski
    I agree with you 'pieprzu', this new Simplified Mode is good news for players outside of Russia because it allows us to have battles when the game server is quiet. So less waiting times and quick, fun, battles. Please made this a permanent Mode in game

    Факт: если вы плохо играете, вас называют нубом. Если вы играете хорошо, они называют вас читом

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