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Тема: Tier 10 Sturmtiger HEAT

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    Tier 10 Sturmtiger HEAT

    Ever since you guys changed the Teir 10 Gold rounds ... the sturm NO longer 1 shoots tanks the way it used to. I have video of me shooting a tier 9 Borsig ... and not killing it. leaving it with low health ... in SAME video ... I shoot a T58 ... not killing it ... leaving it low health ... then I shoot ANOTHER T58 ... for 1,500 damage. This is ALL with GOLD rounds. Can not even kill a tier 9 in one hit ... DIRECT hit.

    I can barely understand why the regular HE round is not enough with 4125-6875 damage ... but the HEAT round that boasts 5265-8775 damage? And only pulls between 1/5? or even 1/2 of its 5265 on the LOW end at times? Everyone in game asks me why my rounds are not killing the tanks ... I tell them I'm firing ALL HEAT ... and they say WOW !!! "I was going to GET that tank but not Now !!"

    If this is the way the tank is going to be from now on... Change the stats on it for ALL to see!! This is considered FALSE advertising... players see those stats... and want to get the tank... then they get it... and it is no where NEAR the numbers you have listed. HEAT rounds for 10k silver per round... and 17 second reload... SHOULD do the job!!

    Sometimes it WILL kill a tank in one hit ... the damage is ALL over the MAP !! Sometimes you hit a tank for HEAVY damage ... others ... for around 1,000-1,500 damage. MOST of the time ... it hits a tank and leave them with just enough health to shoot you a few times.

    Again ... HEAT rounds ... 4125-6875 damage. I have TONS of videos of this against tier 9's ... 10's and 11's. PLEASE FIX THIS. Another GREAT tank ... no longer the reliable tank it used to be.

    ** And just now another match ... shot an Object 777 ... did just over 2k damage first hit ... then shot same 777 again ... for 1500. Needless to say he killed me after i shot him not once ... but TWICE with HEAT rounds. Even HE commented to me about it.
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