As part of the current maintenance works, the following changes were made:

Change in damage scatter.

For AP, APCR and HEAT shells changed the system of damage scatter. Now, if you successfully penetrate the armor, you will often deal damage close to the average and above:
  • Removed the effect of the penetration rate on the damage scatter;
  • Deviation down from the average damage is 5% (previously it was 25%);
  • Deviation up from the average damage is 15% (previously it was 25%).

These changes make it less likely to cause damage that is less than the average, especially for shells with low penetration. At the same time, reduced damage will not be as different from the average as before. This will increase the efficiency of tanks with weak penetration, as well as help you to calculate the damage done. In addition, TD and other tanks with high penetration, as well as gold shells will receive a slight weakening, as the maximum possible damage will be reduced. For tanks 10 and 11 levels, this change should enhance the difference between AP and APCR/HEAT shells.

Reduced the time of the battle in the Standard and Simplified modes (it was 15 minutes, it became 10 minutes). This change also affects battles in the Territory War.


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See you on the battlefield! Good luck in battle!