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Тема: Interesting about the tanks

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    Генерал-лейтенант Аватар для FILARET-FILARET

    Interesting about the tanks

    East Prussian operation (1945). VGC decided to concentrate the main efforts of the 3rd Belarusian Front on the defeat of the enemy group pressed to the sea south-west of Kenigberg. On 26 February, the 39th and 43rd Army of the Zemland Group of Troops moved to defense.East Pomeranian operation. On February 26, units of the 2nd Belarusian Front stuck into the depth of defense by 50 kilometers and expanded the breakthrough by 60 kilometers. The 3rd Guards Cavalry Corps fought for Nøystettin. On the morning of February 26, the advance units of the 3rd Guards Tank Corps A. P. Panfilov took possession of Baldenberg, the city and Shenau station. By this time, the 19th Army, fighting enemy strongholds bypassed by the Tank Corps, had passed only 25 kilometres. Poor leadership of the troops was affected. The Military Council of the Front with the authorization of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief replaced the Commander of the 19th Army G. K. Kozlov. The army was led by V. 3. Raman.Sovinformburo. During 26 February, on the EARLAND Peninsula north-west of KENIGSBERG, our troops successfully repelled attacks by enemy infantry and tanks. To the south-west of KENIGSBERG our troops occupied the settlements of ERNSTFELDE, DUSTERVALDE, NAUSSEDEN...Fighting continued in the BRESLAU area to destroy the surrounded enemy group, during which our troops occupied 15 quarters.
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    *Хвилищевский ел клюкву, стараясь не морщиться.

    Он ждал, что все скажут: «Какая сила характера! »

    Но никто не сказал ничего.* (Даниил Хармс).

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    Модератор Аватар для Iluzija

    "Ghost," so called in the German army legendary КВ-1 for invulnerability and high maneuverability. In 1941, КВ-1 could destroy any Wehrmacht tank while remaining invulnerable to the enemy. Until the introduction of the German Tiger in early 1943, there were no tanks capable of resisting the КВ-1.

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