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Тема: Game is black screen after update ! Can't play

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    Game is black screen after update ! Can't play

    This has happened after I've updated game and Gamecenter client. The first time I've launched game, a screen showed up for accepting new game policy. There were 3 checkboxes to mark that:
    "I read and I accept privacy policy" / game license / and something else

    I didn't mark them yet, instead, I clicked a link to read game policy and it opened in browser.

    But after I returned to game window - it was all black. So I closed the game.
    Now every time I launch the game I just see black screen and nothing happens.

    I've tried logging in/out , restarting Gamecenter client, restarting computer - nothing has helped. All I see in game is black screen. Please help
    Последний раз редактировалось .No.3ad; 01.10.2020 в 23:44.

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    I've tried to login via browser and I can't , it says : СЕРВЕРА ВРЕМИЕННО ОСТАНОВЛЕЫ
    and picture:

    Which is odd, because there were no announcement of any technical sever shutdown today. And people on forum also don't write about any issues ( i use translator).
    Последний раз редактировалось .No.3ad; 03.10.2020 в 01:22.

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